Excited time for The Responsible Safari Company. School Trips, Orbis Challenge and Orbis Skill Sharing....

The year has started on a high note at RSC with everyone in full planning mode for lots of school expeditions, sport with a purpose challenges as well as scheduled departures. The Lake Malawi Engineers group has been the first group to travel with us in the first month of this year. It has been great to start the season with such an incredible and passionate group. 

 lake engineers photo

Lake Malawi engineers at Rainbow Hope secondary school trying to help them gain access to fresh water from the lake.

There are lots of school groups we anticipate to host this year, providing them with the best experience the Warm Heart of Africa gives and in turn, them being a part of something in promoting our country’s economy. So far, we are expecting more than 17 school groups from all over the world. We are positive that beside the usual activities such as safaris, they will also experience life in a local classroom setting as they visit various schools. Some of these groups are recurring whilst some will be experiencing their first visit to Malawi.

Here is a snap shot of one of our regular school groups which enjoys travelling with us and have confirmed to be in the country in the coming months. 

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Holyrood June 19

Our partner tour operator in the UK - Orbis Expeditions - organised the exceptional ‘sport with a purpose’ challenges alongside the usual challenges we conduct. We have got ten challenges together with the Orbis cycle challenge in April. All these challenges are carrying different themes aiming to address different issues currently affecting Malawi while also improving participants physical fitness & giving them the chance to explore Malawi.

Sign up to a Sport with a Purpose event here- The Orbis Challenge

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Cycle challenge in two months’ time

The Women’s Empowerment trip is back in the country in May solely to empower women with entrepreneurial skills through skills sharing programs and training. WATG is also back with Becky Van Dijk and Vanessa as tour leaders in April. Find out more about our Skill Sharing Expeditions and how you can get involved.  73144911 2509534785761563 4679939890643730432 n

Having looked at all upcoming 2020 trips, you cannot deny the fact that RSC is growing tremendously. More interestingly, the team is more than ready to handle all in country operations for every trip and are excited to do so!

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