We at RSC value our social enterprise model, and ensure that we deliver quality sustainable and responsible tourism options for our clients, and one of the ways in which we achieve this is through staff development workshops.

Staff Development Workshops

Ecotourism training - Global Goals

In March, the RSC team broke new ground during workshops centred around permaculture and the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The first workshop took place at the very cool and evergreen sustainability centre in Blantyre, called “PaNthunzi.”

Here the team sat down in the Glass House to a very informative talk on permaculture by Perm-a-Outreach Director, Matthews Shaba Mpofu. Thanks to a generous donation from a previous client, Permaculture has been introduced by Chris and Matthews to YODEP, one of RSC’s partner community projects. As well as encouraging us as staff to think about our own actions and how we can live more sustainably, it’s very important for the team to understand what’s happening at YODEP.

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles that is intended for nature to do what nature does best; be sustainable and self-sufficient.

On a guided tour of Chris Walker’s PaNthunzi, the team learnt a lot about sustainable living, through permaculture. I must say we all left the workshop a whole lot different than we had arrived, it was a thrilling experience, and we were all able to appreciate and understand the profit of independent and sustainable living.

As I sat under the cool roof of the Glass House during the presentation on permaculture, I let my mind escape and began to imagine our beautiful destination, Malawi.

  • The lake - home to over 700 species of cichlids.
  • Mulanje mountain and it’s outstretched beautiful cedar trees
  • Zomba and its marvellous year round berries

I thought to myself what it would be like without these aesthetic locations. I imagined losing them to mountains of garbage, soil erosion, and thought to myself “I better get my act up, and get everybody informed about this. We can’t risk damage to our beautiful landscape. But it seems to me that I’m not the only who thought this way.

Having been reminded of the habitual purchase of plastic bags during grocery shopping trips, here is how our Accountant Ekari Mtewa decided to make a habitual change in improving his environment:

"As I was buying relish yesterday in Shoprite I realized that my bill was more by Mk100 due to the inclusion of two plastic bags. I kindly told the till lady to remove these bags as I had two of my own in my pocket. She called me a stingy person. Since when has being environmentally conscious and economical become the same as stinginess? Every time we go shopping we pile our homes with these plastic bags when in normal sense we can use 3 for one year, hence saving money and the environment. I am coming from abject poverty and I don’t want to go back to that."

Global Goals

Global Goals Training Keith Bohannon

The second workshop took place at the Travel Barn

The team sat down and had an interactive talk, presented by Keith Bohannon a consultant of Imani Development.

During group discussions we looked at:

  • which development goals are being carried out through our community project ecotourism visits
  • how different international communities target different goals, according to their needs.

According to your experience, which goals do you think Malawi as a nation should target, and how can they be achieved?

Be sure to have a look at some of our pre-set itineraries that support the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and see how you can work with us in order to achieve these goals.

Be part of something ...

Join our Global Goals in Action Expedition on the 22nd July- 5th August 2018

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Blog written by our new Sales and Marketing Assistant, Farida Matumula.

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