Wow, where to start, classroom painting, community visits, clients rediscovering where they grew up, relocating elephants with Prince Harry…the list goes on! It’s been an action-packed three months.  Our ‘best bits’ are too hard to choose! If you’re wondering what high season is like at The Responsible Safari Company, here’s some pics to give you a little taster…

These are just a snippet of what we’ve experienced this season. Every time the guides have come back to the office from a trip, it’s a great excuse for the office team to have a quick break and listen to the guides’ numerous stories from their trips. As the new in-country General Manager, I’ve been touched by the friendships that are created, our guides become an integral part of our clients’ trip, and our Sales team are so happy to meet the clients in person after months and months of planning their trip. From the accountant behind the scenes, to the guide who welcomes the client at the airport, our team have worked so hard to ensure that clients’ experiences of Malawi reflect this beautiful country’s nickname, The Warm Heart of Africa. Here’s to the next season which is fast approaching! 

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