It has been an eventful couple of weeks in Blantyre at the Travel Barn, as The Responsible Safari Company welcomed Kate Webb, and 20 British women who arrived in Malawi on Saturday the 12th of May 2018 to participate in Orbis Expeditions' first ever Malawi Women’s Expedition.

This itinerary, as the name states, is for women and the main idea of the Malawi Women’s Expedition is to provide a platform for international women and Malawian women to exchange entrepreneurial skills and to make lifelong connections in the business world.

When Kate designed the itinerary, her main aim was to provide Malawian women with a catapult to allow their businesses to gain international expertise through trade and not aid.

In as much as capital is essential for the start of a business, Kate knew that knowledge in the different fields of business (marketing, accounting, sales) was just as important so she struck on the idea of networking and mentoring sessions with female international experts.

Women's Malawi Expedition

Malawi Women’s Expedition - a diverse international team

The international team ranged from engineers, nurses, head hunters, to accountants and teachers! They divided into separate workshops, and all the Malawian participants had a chance to take part in each workshop.

The Malawian team was full of passionate women ready to grow and sustain their businesses and among them were a group of girl students from Rainbow Hope Secondary School, Alpha Secondary School, Lilongwe City Centre Girls School and a few others under the SOKO STEM fund for girls. These girls also had specific workshops designed for them, that helped in career planning, how to improve study time, and how to make your CV stand out.

If you ask me; between hopping behind the camera, and sitting in on the event. I can definitely say that both teams were hugely impacted by one the others determination, commitment and hard work.

Everyone learnt from one another, and everybody walked away with useful information and connections for future use.

After exchanging gifts, and two beautiful songs, the international team departed down south to Satemwa Tea Estate and continued with a lovely overland tour of Malawi.

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