Hello readers,

Welcome back to a new year with Responsible Safari Company.

This year we have lots of exciting, new and improved expeditions

We have also updated our policy regarding our use of plastic. As a responsible tour operator, we strive as much as possible to obtain reusable/recyclable materials. Previously, we would purchase 500ml plastic water bottles for our clients and collect all the empty bottles to be recycled later. This proved efficient but meant that we played a role in the demand and supply of plastic bottles, which is why we have decided to purchase 5Litre bottles instead. With this new policy, our clients will bring their own reusable bottles from home; whilst on tour in Malawi, they will be able to fill and refill their water bottles from the pre-purchased 5L bottle. Of course there might be moments where a bottle is lost and we might have to purchase a regular 500ml plastic bottle, what will happen to this bottle afterwards?

We will give these bottles to organisations that focus on reusing and recycling materials. One of these organisations is Tiyamike Sewing, a non-profit Christian organisation that aims to empower local women from low-income families with sewing skills in order to provide an income for them and their families. Aside from sewing, they also have many products made from recycled plastic, glass jars etc.  

Thank you for choosing The Responsible Safari Company, here our agents of change are always striving for more accessible, less harmful travel choices. We care for the country we operate in and try as much as possible to ensure the people and wildlife around it are protected and left

To find out more about Tiyamike Sewing and the products they make, follow them on Instagram or Facebook as @tiyamikesewing_malawi and Tiyamike Sewing Malawi respectively.

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