Reason behind the Orbis Expeditions name

We asked Dom to explain the reasoning behind the name...

Over the past 8 years, our company has very much grown into a different entity and has, specifically over the last 2-3 years, moved further away from offering 'Responsible Safaris’ and more into Educational travel, with our direction now very much centred around 'connecting people with the world as Global Citizens’. We’ve chosen the brand name Orbis for the new UK Platform, meaning the world, globe, sphere as it relates to the work we’re trying to achieve with connecting each of our clients with the world as Global Citizens as well as our work with our Global Development Workshop programme. We feel it gives a strong statement of intent to do something positive for the world and to be part of a movement which in it’s own small way is involved in changing and improving the world through education.

Our new tag line, 'connecting people with the world as Global Citizens’, gives the company a solid vision and creates a view of working towards a lifetime aim and a mission statement to change something, with the company now part of an overall global project, that of working towards global respect & awareness. We feel very strongly that we want the company to be part of a positive change in the world, working in the right direction towards sustainable living. We want to develop an entity that has a positive impact, providing a portal for people to learn and understand the world outside their own environment and to help make them become more forward thinking and outward individuals. We feel that there is nothing more important than respecting our planet and importantly to pass this knowledge and passion onto our children and grandchildren for future generations.

With so many elements of our work tied into 'the world, the globe, the environment’, we feel that the brand name Orbis is a suitable title to work under. In terms of Expeditions, we feel this provides a view of remote, exotic & adventurous travel experiences, something which is both challenging and rewarding for the individual. It’s also a widely recognised term used both for the student travel market as well as some of the most exciting forms of travel.

Reason behind the Orbis logo…

The orb above our name is of a Puffer Fish nest. The philosophy behind the puffer fish logo (aside from the shape reflecting our name) is based on the sand sculpture created by the male puffer fish who is responsible for building a nursery ground for his future offspring, with the larger and more elaborate nests created giving a better chance for the offspring to survive and flourish. We feel this mimics the philosophy of our work which in a small way is trying to create a nursery ground for tomorrow’s Global Citizens to learn and develop.

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