My presentation was on UN Global goals which were launched in January this year with an aim of ending extreme poverty and build a better world by 2030. The goals are tackling areas such as hunger, poverty, water sanitation, infrastructure, health, energy, peace, economic growth just to mention a few.
I started the presentation by giving a brief background of the United Nations (UN) which is a worldwide organisation comprising of 51 countries and it developed these goals in September, 2015. After that, I went on to list and expand each of the 17 goals. The presentation focused much on goal number 8 which is aiming at promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Each member agreed that the goals are very vital to our country Malawi considering the economic crisis the country is going through at the moment and has greatly affected all sectors of the government. “Development of better infrastructure like roads and airports will promote tourism industry, clients will be able to access tourist destinations with no or little difficulties, it will also cut the cost of flights which is costly at the moment and hinders a lot of people from traveling”, this was one of the points raised by Andrew.

Osborne commented on the point of economic growth. He said the government creates jobs for all people and allow investors to come in and develop our cities, improve working conditions and create equal opportunities to all people then the country will greatly improve. Most problems faced are as a result of high unemployment rate, issues to do with hunger, high illiterate rate, poverty and health are a result of unemployment. It is because people do not have a source of income as such are not able to afford quality services.

Inno came in with a brilliant point related to “be part of something” campaign which RSC is promoting at the moment. He said that the campaign will also contribute to the economic growth of the country. This is because this campaign encourages our clients to participate not only in seeing our beautiful Malawi but also contribute in development of our communities. This is by being involved in projects within the communities and empowering them to be independent, this is something that will make a great difference in their lives. In a long run, development in these communities with contribute to growth of Malawi’s economy.

The presentation was great, full of new things to learn and became more interesting at the very end where the floor was given to all RSC staff to bring in their views on issues like why these goals are important to Malawi and our RSC Clients? How can our clients see The UN Global Goals in action in Malawi? What is RSC doing towards reaching the Global Goals and What can every RSC Staff Member do to assist in reaching the UN Global Goals?

Finally, Ekari and Welli commented on the how each one of them felt they would contribute in achieving of these goals. Ekari said that if every RSC staff would take part in informing others of these millennium goals it would help in creating awareness among citizens.

Welli added that as a guide, he travels a lot and visit a lot of communities, who are greatly affected by poverty and will be part of these developments. By creating awareness campaigns during these trips can help reaching rural masses who are not aware of most of these issues and by educating them on these points, they can take part in issues like environmental protection.

A lot of points were raised and almost every one of us learnt something.

On the other hand, my greatest joy over this week was passing my driving exams. Many thanks to RSC for your financial support, it really means a lot, feels great being part of the company. I now have a driving licence!

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