Women in Malawi are key in the potential rise of the country's development and sustainability.

Raising awareness that women in Malawi are of great value to our economy, are worthy of education, and that their protection, access to good health and nurturing contributes greatly to a decrease in child mortality, dropout rates due to pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

Globally, women have been suppressed for a very long time, and have been shunned of many great opportunities because of their gender. But this is now changing.

  • Women are uniting, and with the help of NGO’s, government alliances and movements such as #metoo; women are using their voices to speak out on issues such as sexual harassment.
  • They have taken initiative and although sometimes on a small scale, have begun developing their entrepreneurial minds and set up businesses to care for themselves and their families.
  • Modernisation in Africa has brought about the realisation that education is not a “man’s thing,” girls are much more motivated and courageous to take on STEM careers, and to enter fields that for a long time were considered “masculine.”

Women in Malawi
During my weekend market ventures, I often hear the young girls and women standing up to the market boys and men. I no longer hear the silence that comes with “amayi inu! Khalani chete!” which translates to “Hey woman! Keep quiet!” I actually giggle, and am filled with an inward satisfaction when I hear minibus conductors being silenced after presenting outrageous taxi fares to furious business women carrying their fruit and vegetable baskets to the market.

Now trust me, I am no lover of commotion. But I do like to see women stand up for themselves and not let anyone - regardless of gender - bring them down. Now, I have talked about women, (particularly in Malawi) taking initiative, starting up businesses as well as taking on the challenges of entering male-dominated fields. Now the big questions follow. How successful are these ventures?

What challenges do these women face and how can we help them? These are the questions that swarmed through the mind of Kate.

Kate Webb is co-owner of The Responsible Safari Company and Orbis Expeditions

Since these companies are both equally committed to supporting local communities through tourism, she thought of how to incorporate their business ideas to further develop women in Malawian communities, and equip them for their developing futures, so in May 2018, RSC and Orbis has committed itself to a Women’s Entrepreneurship Expedition right here in Malawi, this expedition consists of about 20 British Women, who will team up with passionate Malawian ladies in different lines of business.

This expedition will include mentoring workshops for a number of female secondary school students. As well as workshops for female Malawian entrepreneurs.

The goal is for each woman to gain more of an understanding on how to implement their different business strategies in order to produce a successful business venture, to benefit them and their communities.

Want to know more about expeditions like these and how you can get involved?

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