Ivy chats about our Womens Skills Sharing Trips and the impact these have on her fellow Malawians and the women who join the teams.

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Women’s group travel to Malawi was first introduced at The Responsible Safari Company in 2018. Our first ever was the Women’s Challenge in May. We saw women from different professions come together on a tour that was designed to make a difference in women’s lives in Malawi, specifically women in business and also offer mentoring to girls in schools. 

Womens Ex Caroline Chatting

I happen to be the lady at RSC who takes full charge of these women groups and I usually interact with them even before they arrive in Malawi. I work hand in hand with my colleague; Farida, who helps with getting in touch with the Malawian ladies and help spreading the word. Of course, I wouldn’t leave out the boss lady! Kate who carries this vision all together. Over the last two years, I have seen so much positive outcomes from these women’s group travel and we will be talking about these.

venetianorrington RSCWE15 47 

Women in business workshops

The Women’s Challenge group and the Women’s Empowerment group have visited Malawi once in every year the last two years. All these workshops happen at our office, The Travel Barn. We see the interaction between the international ladies and the local ladies. These are really inspirational gatherings. The ladies share about their personal life, their current businesses as well as the business that are in the pipeline. One thing I have found so inspiring is the introduction of social media marketing in these discussions. This has been an amazing topic since the beginning and I have seen a few Malawian ladies really improving on their social media presence. I spoke to a few ladies that have attended almost all the workshops since the launch in 2018 and the below is what they had to say:

“It has really made a very big difference and every time I join the workshops, I come out with additional ideas for how to run my business. I am really thankful and I don't wish to miss any interaction that is offered yearly”. – Anna Grace Malaika

“It has helped to see my business differently; it has helped me to see other opportunities I never knew. Learnt how to network. All in all, it has changed my perception on my business”. – Endrina 

“Since the workshops I now know how to plan in everything I do and budget through my project and Initiatives, through the meeting of the women in Malawi I have managed to collaborate with other like-minded women and learn a lot!”– Eneless Pemba 

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Malawi School Visit- Mentoring

The ladies visit Rainbow Hope Secondary School in Mangochi. The school is a product of RSC’s long standing relationship with CISER; a community based organisation based in Mangochi. All the women groups visit the school during their trip in Malawi and they interact with the students. A program is set up for a full day at the school where the women share their skills in line with what the student learn. Over the last two years, among others, the students have learnt Information Technology skills and its use in their studies. I spoke to Joseph Makwakwa the Director of RHSS and the below is what he had to say: 

“I think they have inspired the girls to overcome what used to be challenges, like science and Mathematics, previously was perceived as men's/ boys areas. We have seen most girls who dropped these subjects at first are now liking and doing well in these subjects. Another area is on hands on. The women were physically active in all building projects. This also inspired our students. Finally, the career talks have also helped the students to make informed decisions about their path.”

 Girls out loud RHSS

In a nutshell, the women trips have a huge positive impact on both the international women and the local women. I was thinking of the theme for the 2020 World women’s day as I wrote this - Each for equal, and as the rest of the world I agree that an equal world is an enabled world. Did I mention theWomen Engineers Expedition who came to Malawi in 2019?  A combined group of 25 Women in STEM from the UK spent two weeks building a new STEM Classroom block for Rainbow Hope Secondary School. I, therefore, have proof as I have seen women driving the world for change and refusing to settle for ordinary. And if women are capable of doing everything that men are capable of doing, then we have a universe of double work force, a universe full of people that can work together in a better and faster way. 

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Pics courtesy of Venetia Norrington Travel Photography.

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