Hi Dom, Kate & all the Malawi team. I just wanted to tell you that I have just listened to a group of pupils who were on the June expedition, talk to our S1 pupils about their Malawi trip. They were inspirational! The enthusiasm was amazing even after this time. They would "go back in a heartbeat" when asked. They were also asked how it has changed their lives - their attitude to food waste, family, appreciating basics were just a few. They spoke about the build and the school and the pupils loving trying to teach them Chichewa and Mount Mulanje, Lake Malawi sunrise and sunset and the sheer beauty of the country. And the best bit it was all unprepared. Thank you so much for letting them have the experience of a lifetime. Maureen
Maureen Casey
St. Margaret's School June 2019
You will see us again.
Elke Vinck and Luc Blommaert
Orbis Trail Challenge October 2019
Through this trip I have a renewed believe in myself that all things are possible and we can all make a difference no matter how small. I have made new life long friendships thanks to RSC & Orbis and I really thank you for this.
Helen Meldrum
Orbis Trail Challenge October 2019
Thank you for a truly memorable trip in Malawi!
Emma Morton
Orbis Trail Challenge October 2019
It was a trip of a lifetime and I am so lucky to have been part of it!
Sarah Boneham
Orbis Trail Challenge October 2019
It was a really fabulous trip in every way. Organisation was slick and efficient but felt relaxed which was lovely. Brilliant team of people, brilliant ethos, great combination of sport, runs, community visits, friendship and fun. You will be hearing from me when I return with my family!
Sally Rolland
Orbis Trail Challenge October 2019
It was the most amazing experience of my life. At times it was humbling, at others it was inspiring, emotional, joyful, fun and so many other great feelings. We came together as 30 unique individuals of different ages, backgrounds and countries, we laughed together, cried together, ate together and as a family made it the best week of our lives. Friends for life.
Barinderjit Cheema
Orbis Trail Challenge October 2019
I have so many highlights, it's hard to know where to begin! Firstly the comradeship between the team was incredible and the support and friendship everyone gave to each other. Out of the trails, my biggest highlight was running the magnificent Mount Mulanje - the views were incredible and the terrain, especially on the descents, were right up my street! The third run at Cape Maclear was quite simply stunning - the rainbow after the rain, the spectacular sunrise, running amongst the fields and having the villagers encourage us. On all runs the atmosphere was fun, no-one took them as races, we were a team running together. I'd love to come back in 2021 and maybe meet my sponsorship student too. I get teary thinking about our wonderful week, I wanted it to last forever, thank you so much for making it such a special time!
Emma Morton
Orbis Challenge October 2019
We had a wonderful time in Malawi. The support we had from RSC staff was simply outstanding throughout - indeed, as we have found previously, Ozzy become more an integral part of our team rather than just someone who was there to support us or drive us around. Couldn't have asked for more. Our visits to our schools were amazing. The opportunity to teach classes, observe lessons and to discuss learning and teaching with our colleagues really allowed us to take our partnership to a new level of understanding. The friendships we continue to forge with our Malawian colleagues are genuine and long lasting. Hopefully, in the years ahead, we will continue to impact on young lives in Scotland and Malawi. Our stay with friends in Chonde was very special - as was our Safari experience in Liwonde. A return to Mvuu Lodge is a must! Thanks to all at Orbis and RSC for making everything so easy and stress free.
Douglas Young
Beath High School Teachers October 2019
Another great trip with Orbis and The Responsible Safari Company. The staff can never do enough for us. Always keep us on the right track and put up with our timekeeping! Great venues and experiences throughout the trip. This is my third trip using the RSC/Orbis as I believe they really are the best at what they do.
Ian Mitchell
Beath High School Teachers October 2019
This trip was awesome!! Well organised. Fantastic Hospitality. Hands down to the people behind it all. People were all fantastic as well. Made friends for life. Always well looked after. Would I do it again? Definitely!!
Marc Singer
Orbis Challenge October 2019
An incredible week which had everything and more! Beautiful challenging runs - each unique and testing. Amazing visits to schools, orphanages and community projects. Time and again the incredible, resilient and generous people of Malawi proved why this is the Warm Heart of Africa. And the runners - who would have thought a random bunch of people could gel together, support one another, laugh so much and form such a team. Orbis family!
Karen Young
Orbis Challenge October 2019
One of the most memorable trips in my life. I will never forget this adventure and I would love to come back, both with our children as well as to do the race again in the future. The people who helped us on the races were all inspirational and also the Orbis team as well as all runners were lovely group. Different people who found each other running through the most beautiful sceneries. See you again Malawi!
Elke Vinck
Orbis Challenge October 2019
The trip was so well organised down to every last detail. Kate, Dom and the team covered everything, the accommodation, transport, food. The medical staff were fantastic and the support team. Even when I had to take a rain check on one of the runs, it was met with alternative options and was equally as enjoyable being part of the photography team. The runs were out of this world with such varied terrain and views and the projects we visited between times were an eye opener to life in Malawi, the hardships of every day but also the sheer friendliness and enjoyment on the faces of the amazing people that we met... thank you Kate and Dom.
Claire Dixon
Orbis Challenge October 2019
Well team… We had an absolutely fabulous time and the package that you guys put together was ideal, enabling us all to get what we wanted from the visit and much much more. It was great to visit the offices and meet most of you as well as drop off the kit that I trust will leave something positive behind. While Malawi may well be one of the worlds poorest nations, the people have huge warmth and happiness, something no money can buy. I am sure the visit will not be our last….
Andy Patience
September 2019
As a ground operator and facilitator for a project like STEMBuildMalawi, Orbis Expeditions and RSC Malawi provided our team with an extensive support network that never ceased to deliver, and often beyond expectations. It is extremely evident that the hard work and relationships built by you in Malawi over the past 10 years have really paved the way to allowing your guests a completely immersive, compelling and unique African travel experience. You have once again wowed me, and without doubt our entire team - we have made memories and friends to last a lifetime and your beautiful organisation has been an integral part in making this happen - thank you Kate, Dom and all your wonderful team, until next time!
Gemma Glover - Women's Engineering Group
May 2019
The booking service was excellent, everything was thoroughly planned to detail and all accommodation selection was exceptional. Our visits to the linked communities were a great way to get to know the beautiful people of Malawi and the positive steps that are being done towards a better future. Our two guides were great, pleasant, punctual and with good driving skills. They all went above and beyond to make us happy and made our trip truly unforgettable and instantly became part of the team. Thanks so much for the amazing service. I wish you were operating in other African countries!
Ioanna Laskari
Women's Engineer's May 2019

I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you to you and to all of the team for your assistance throughout the trip and the lead up. As always Ozzie was a tremendous guide, he led us superbly well and the group absolutely loved him. Newton also did a marvellous job in driving us and I know everyone was extremely impressed by his skills. In particular, both men were outstanding in their handling of the difficult situations we encountered en route back to Lilongwe. They handled it in an exemplary manner. Thank you again for all of your efforts in ensuring the trip was a success, it is greatly appreciated.
Celtic FC Charity
June 2019
My school are so appreciative and happy of the experience we have had in Malawi, this company made our trip what it was!
Mollie Reid - Whitehill Academy Student
June 2019
The experience of a lifetime! I am still marvelling at the colours, smells and wonderful people, and wish so much love and hope for positive changes to the country (and maybe have a small part in contributing towards one girl's more hopeful future!)
Christina Earls
May 2019
The experience of travelling with a purpose with a company such as RSC was amazing! It was a last minute booking (4 weeks before departure) and I can honestly say the best trip I have ever been on! Thank you for the fantastic experience. Highly recommended! I would without doubt, recommend travelling with RSC. It was the highlight of my life! Having always wanted to visit Malawi I don’t think I’d ever have experienced and appreciated the country as much as I did in a 7 day trip! Outstanding beyond belief!
Lesley Flynn (Teacher)
May 2019
I loved the workshop, to meet these awesome women who will reshape Malawi with their courage, confidence and ideas was totally inspiring. Every day I thought "it can't get better than this" and every day it just did that. The most inspiring holiday I have ever had; giving back whilst experiencing the country, the people and the culture and building friendships along the way. All done in the most authentic way. Thank you so much for the most amazing experience!
Astrid Bergman (Consultant, Arcadis)
May 2019
I just wanted to touch base to let you know that we had a wonderful trip to Malawi. Ivy was a star throughout the planning process and infinitely patient; nothing was too much trouble and her communications were always really prompt and clear. Wellie was our driver. He was excellent. Always on time, organised and friendly. The guys described him as a very welcome 'safety blanket!'
One Feeds Two
May 2019
Thanks for everything and all your efforts, we really had an amazing time with Ron the last couple of weeks and we miss him already. We will remember this Malawian travel that you’ve arranged for us (as well as Ron’s great company) forever.
Rik and Laura
April 2019
I have a huge amount of time and respect for Dom & Kate. Having decided to set up a business to use tourism to make a very positive difference, they took their time working out exactly what to do and how to do it in Malawi. Since starting out, they have achieved a massive amount, all to the benefit of Malawi and Malawians.
Kelly White
Managing Director, Malawi Tourism Marketing Consortium (MTMC) February 2018
It's hard to find the words to sum up exactly what The Orbis Challenge meant to me. From the moment I found out I'd got a place I was in shock and then focused that excited energy on a tough training plan. Having lived in East Africa for 3 years (a decade ago) I knew roughly what to expect, but nothing could have prepared me for the wonder of the experience. Malawi is stunning, and the Malawians exceptionally warm-hearted and joyous people. We went to inspire them through sport and support their grass-roots nutrition project, yet they inspired us more than I can describe.

The challenges themselves were crazy, in the best way possible.....seriously tough both mentally and physically, and the sense of achievement at the end was euphoric. This trip is not just a week in your life...it's a lifetime of memories and a life changing experience. The friends and memories I made that week, I will treasure forever and this includes the amazing Dame Kelly Holmes, who is such a special person. Thank you to all who made this possible. And to anyone even contemplating doing The Orbis Challenge.....seriously don't hesitate, apply now! Your special journey starts now!
Polly Haywood
The Orbis Challenge - 2018 February 2019
The Orbis challenge for me was the most amazing thing I have ever done....the experiences, memories and friends I have made will last a life time. Seeing the different culture and way of life in Malawi was a real eye opener for me and puts a different perspective on life for sure. Truly happy people who don’t have a lot but make the most of what life has given them. The icing on the cake was Dame Kelly Holmes joining us....such a lovely inspiring lady with a beautiful soul and a friend for life I’m sure. As well as the challenges we did the trips and excursions were also amazing and gave us a great insight into life in Malawi. If anyone has the opportunity to go and experience this trip I would 100% say go for it....it will be life changing.
Nicola Curtis
Orbis Challenge October 2018
I have this weird feeling in my tummy. It’s odd - despite the scale of challenges that people face in Malawi, I’ve felt so at home here. From taking every opportunity to play with children, who welcome you with amazing smiles to discussing business challenges with women who have had to overcome so many more challenges while running their businesses. So far words haven’t been easy to find and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to truly translate my feelings into words. Thank you Kate and Dom for creating an amazing trip for us all and creating such an amazing team at the Travel Barn in Malawi. I’ll race you to the website to book one of the 2019 dates that have just been released!
Vicky Gunn - Women's Entrepreneurs
September 2018
Could not have done it without you and your team!
TUCO (The University Caterers Organisation) September 2019
Thank you to you and Dom for such an amazing trip! Becky and I, and all the girls loved Malawi and the itinerary so much along with the kind people that work for you and the amazing people we met in the communities and all the places we stayed. After visiting we can see why you fell in love with Malawi. The country now holds a very special place in our hearts and the hearts of all the girls on our expedition. Thank you again for everything. I honestly miss Malawi already now too!
Vanessa Rivers
We Are Travel Girls Tour Leader September 2018
This trip was extremely special for me and all of the guests who participated. We had an absolutely wonderful time, we loved Malawi and all of the activities and places we visited. We truly felt a connection with the country and it created a bond between the 11 of us that I don't think will ever be broken - we already plan to have a reunion trip as we had such a special time! Thank you for creating a trip that will give us lasting memories and friendships and we look forward to working with you again in 2019. Thanks again!
Becky Van Dijk
We Are Travel Girls Tour Leader September 2018
I have a friend who does this sort of holiday regularly, and he said before the trip that getting a good driver is essential as that can make or break a holiday. Well, Ronald most certainly made our holiday, helping us to achieve our aims and we’re very grateful to him and would be happy to recommend him to anybody. He was simply the best.
Alan Fraser
August 2018
Before we went, I said that if your organisation on the holiday was as good as the organisation leading up to it, we would be very happy. It was! So thank you very much indeed. I don’t usually do Trip Advisor but I will this time, and it will be 5*. Expect a call from us if we ever want to go back!
Alan Fraser
August 2018
As usual, Ozzie was absolutely amazing throughout and Ernest was an absolute driving superstar! Both are a huge credit to you. I can honestly say we would have been lost without them.
Celtic FC Foundation
June 2018
The trip was excellent, as always. Aaron and Timothy were a massive help, as they always are. I will be in touch after the summer to organise 2019.
Williamwood School
June 2018
In the past week I have returned from an incredible 2 week trip with my school to Malawi. Throughout the entire trip, we were accompanied by two of your amazing guides, Ronald and Newton. I really can’t compliment these two wonderful men enough! Ronald is one of the kindest and friendliest people I’ve ever met in my life. Newton was also exceptionally friendly to us all and we greatly enjoyed his company when he was not busy driving us around everywhere! They really added to our trip and it certainly would not have been as good without them! I am so grateful to them and I want to thank them for all that they did for us and for making our trip so truly special.
Fortrose Academy
June 2018
I want to say that it was the most amazing trip I have ever done and I feel so proud to have been able to be a part of it (am welling up whilst typing!!) I have made life long friends and a head full of memories and it was all because of you and your team. So thank you, I would never of completed something like this without you.
Caroline Sweby
Women's Expedition May 2018
Although this is my fourth trip to Malawi it was quite a different experience. Malawi never ceases to inspire and move me. The scenery is breathtaking and the people are incredible. I met some truly inspiring people on this trip. On a personal level climbing Mount Mulanje was, with hindsight, one of the best team building experiences. Whether young or old, no matter what job you did at the end of the day we were all the same and needed each other. A huge thanks to Orbis Expeditions and Responsible Safari Company for putting together this amazing experience.
Maureen Casey
Women's Expedition May 2018
I would just like to thank you, Dom and all of your team in Malawi for the most amazing experience - one which I have struggled to put into words to really do it justice. It was an experience which challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone but I have achieved more than I ever thought I could’ve and have come back a much happier person for it.
Rachel Casey
Women's Expedition May 2018
There is so much more I could say but in short I am so thankful for the wonderfully, inspiring and eye opening travel experience. I really do hope that I can continue to work to promote global citizenship on the level that you do and I do hope to be back in future. You really should be proud of yourselves in having created a unique and special experience for people to be a part of!
Gemma Glover
Women's Expedition May 2018
'You literally took my breath away, made me laugh and made me cry. You introduced me to some wonderful, inspirational Malawi women who are working hard to push for more opportunities... Go ladies! "If you believe and I believe...". Malawi, your warm friendly community welcomed us with open arms...and your children...your children, they are your future; let's continue to work together to enable a brighter future for them...and not forgetting the group of 'crazy' UK women that I experienced all this with. I love you all and am already missing you so much. Yours, with many many hugs and scarves, Madame Sorento #bepartofsomething
Catherine Sorensen
Women's Expedition May 2018
A pre-trip meeting with parents, pupils and staff at Lockerbie Academy really brought the trip alive and lit further enthusiasm for us visiting Malawi. With short video clips and an abundance of knowledge to share, Kate and Dom were able to answer questions on a variety of areas and give practical advice which was both reassuring and exciting in equal measure. I would certainly recommend any school group travelling have this invaluable meeting.
Lockerbie Academy
Pre Trip Meeting February 2018
On behalf of the Fumbe Community Based Organization and on behalf of the Lighthouse Community Health Services department, I would like to thank you for visiting us. You brought joy and happiness to our volunteers at Fumbe CBO and it’s a visit that they will live to remember. The team is so grateful for your gesture and they now know that they are not the only ones with the heart of helping out the needy though they themselves are in need. The donation which you gave as payment to the goods will take them far in helping the sick and the orphans. They are so much motivated. God bless you as you continue doing the good work.
University of North Carolina
Project Visit March 2018
Two of my adult daughters and I decided some time ago to visit Malawi and see if we could assist in some charity work there. We wanted to see something of the country as well as volunteering and participating in community projects. The trip needed a significant amount of planning and we reckoned we needed some local knowledge to help in this regard. I'm not sure just how we came across the Responsible Safari Company but we did and we're grateful for that.

RSC organised our whole trip - accommodation, safari, airport transfers, vehicles and drivers. The lot. And it all went like clockwork. Kate and her staff were wonderful (and very patient ) in making suggestions and helping us to compile an itinerary.

In summary we loved Malawi and we will be back with more family members next time. And when we return we will be enlisting RSC to organise things for us again. An excellent and extremely professional outfit.
11 August 2015
We recently traveled to Malawi as part of a group of 23 including 16 youth ages 15-18. From the moment we booked with the Responsible Safari Company (RSC) we were given amazing support and service. The RSC booked our entire package including flights, accommodation, transport etc. Our amazing guides Andrew and Chacko were at the airport to welcome us and had pre-arranged our visas to make entry into Malawi much easier than it could have been. For the two weeks, the guides looked after our groups and quickly became part of our team. Both men were highly professional but also quickly established themselves as friendly team members. They offered suggestions for things to do and where to eat and also how to negotiate cultural differences where needed. Most importantly they gave us sound advice and reassurance when one of our members required emergency medical attention.
We will be returning to Malawi again and will definitely use the RSC again.

We would recommend them for any group travelling to Malawi regardless of the size as the team will provide an unforgettable experience with a peace of mind. Thank you RSC!
Dunblane Scotland
19 July 2016
Spent a fabulous two weeks in Malawi and Zambia, on a trip booked via Kate & her team at RSC. They developed a tailored itinerary for us, booked the hotels and local flights, and provided a really friendly/knowledgeable guide/driver for the Malawi leg of the trip.

The places they recommended for us to stay were really special (Huntington House, Norman Carr Cottage, Kapamba & Chamilandu lodges in South Luangwa). And they give a % of their turnover to various development projects in Malawi run by Malawians, including one which we saw on Lake Malawi (CISER) which was inspiring in what was being achieved (education, healthcare, better agricultural practices, etc.).
Julian, Woking, UK
Professional, knowledgeable and inspirational
At short notice I found I had free time at the weekend. After looking on TripAdvisor I came across The Responsible Safari Company. With a few email exchanges trips were booked for the Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to see something of Malawi I would recommend The Responsible Safari Company. Excellent customer service, great driver and great locations to visit. I will be using them again.
Paul Norwich, UK
What an amazing day 3 May 2017
RSC put together a week long self drive trip for us including tea estate visit, village home stay, Liwonde safari and relaxing at the lake. The team were amazingly helpful and the trip they put together was amazing. Just perfect for our family with 5 and 8 year old. Can't recommend these guys enough! Thanks so much for helping us have the best family holiday ever.
Morsi, San Franscisco
Great holiday thanks to these guys 9 September 2017
Responsible Safari Company (RSC) arranged a three day tour in the Blantyre area of Malawi including a stay at the Satewa Tea Estate, an overnight visit at a small Malawi village, and lodging at Zomba Forest Lodge. Each place offered a unique insight into everyday Malawi life. We met the chief of the small village and played with the children who were just as curious about us...they loved doing the hokey-pokey!

RSC did a first class job and were very responsive to emails and questions. I highly recommend them when traveling to Malawi.
Tamara M, North Carolina
Experience the Real Malawi 20 November 2017
What an incredible experience! We'd whole heartedly recommend the home stay programme. Our family and their relatives were so hospitable, we enjoyed getting stuck in and had a great time learning how to treat the maize…the sifting was so much harder than it looked! The food was extremely tasty and plentiful and the children inquisitive with so much energy. On learning that James was particularly interested in the bird life we were taken on a walk through sugar cane fields to try and find some interesting birds!

It was wonderful to learn about the inspiring work that YODEP are doing, the children who all greeted us with such a lovely welcome song when we arrived moved me to tears! We only wish we could have stayed longer.
Jessica Plumb
Travel Writer March 2016
Wow! It has been the best trip any of them have ever had and none of them want to come home! I am going to have to be very quiet for a couple of days and just let everything pour out. They are coming home safe and well, having been educated in the most wonderful way and there will be memories that have been made that they shall treasure for the rest of their lives. Thank you to you both for all your enormous hard work. Thank you, thank you. Have a drink safe in the knowledge that you have given one family the most incredible trip of their lives and you brought them back safe and well to their mum!! THANK YOU!!! xxx
Miners Family October 2017
This was a fabulous itinerary and we would definitely recommend it and your Company to others. Please accept our sincere thanks for all your organisation's work and the gift of the apron. Please say hello to Ozzie for us; he made a good tour, great!
Rosemary & Hugh Matheson July 2017
What I admired most about the Malawians is that every one that I saw always were happy even if they had nothing and it really changed my view point on life and helped me see what really is important.
Calum Duff
St Margaret's Academy June 2017
Going to Malawi was one of the greatest, one of the most rewarding things someone could do. It opened my eyes to the people in Malawi's lives and how they are so hard working and happy with everything they have and get. Everyone there is welcoming and friendly. Overall it was the best experience I have ever had and I'd go back in a heartbeat.
Nicolle Stewart
St Margaret's Academy June 2017
Our driver John was great - very reliable and useful and he let us appreciate the country ourselves. Can you thank him for all his attention and the vast amount of driving he had to do for us. It all felt safe and reliable. All the arrangements that you made, including that of payment (e.g. for accommodation) all worked out well and very smoothly. Thank you!
David and Anne Rydeheard
June 2017
It is really difficult to express how grateful I am to The Responsible Safari Company and especially Andrew, Ozzie and Paul whose care for the group was exceptional and made sure we had everything we needed.
St. Margaret's Academy
June 2017
We did indeed have a fabulous trip to Malawi which may even have surpassed all of our other ones in terms of overall attitude and participation by our pupils. Many thanks once again for all your help. It makes for a relatively stress free trip when we travel with The Responsible Safari Company.
Kingussie School
June 2017
On behalf of YODEP management, I would like to thank the Responsible Safari Company for the support you are providing to YODEP and its community. We can see more results and a change in our community through RSC. The whole community will be overwhelmed when they see the bridge maintained. We are going to have a strong bridge in our community which will connect our rural community and the city of Zomba.
YODEP Community May 2017
My life has changed markedly since you and your endeavours have been made known to me. I admire you and Dom and your crew immensely for what you are doing. I only wish I was young again because believe me, I would join you in your endeavours.

Pauline Morant
Independent Traveller April 2017
Our team have returned from Malawi and I just wanted to thank you all at The Responsible Safari Co very much indeed for the excellent service you gave my Trust colleagues whilst in Lilongwe for the Royal Visit of HRH The Countess of Wessex.

Andrew their driver was brilliant; cooperative with all the itinerary changes and seamless travel knowledge as well as being great company throughout a high level visit with so many arrangements and venues to coordinate.
Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Trust
Visit of The Countess of Wessex March 2017
The whole trip was a great success, and you have done us proud. We’ve been singing the praises of Malawi ever since, and if you want to quote me on this, you are very welcome!
Johnston Family
December 2016
The trip was brilliant – I thoroughly enjoyed it; I learnt a great deal, met a lot of lovely people and saw some very beautiful and interesting sights. Many thanks to all of you involved in arranging and conducting the trip so well.
Peter Mills
Independent Traveler November 2016
We are always delighted to recommend the Responsible Safari Company because of the steady stream of excellent feedback we have from school groups and other members who have used their services. They always go above and beyond to look after their clients and have a strong ethical commitment - supporting volunteering in some of the poorest communities and ensuring a fair deal for all their staff. I understand they have also gone to lengths to find the safest possible transport solutions for visiting Scots, including training all drivers in first aid etc.
David Hope-Jones (OBE)
Principal Officer, Scotland Malawi Partnership November 2016
We really enjoyed the Homestay..It was wonderful to just chat together to share thoughts, to laugh together and get a better mutual understanding of cultures. We can only recommend the Homestay to other people!
Alexandra Haferkamp
Independent Traveler September 2016
I think every single pupil on the trip plans to go back.
Fiona Mcnicol
Teacher, Beath High School October 2016
A huge big thank you to RSC for a great job in looking after all our arrangements. It makes a big difference to our planning process having RSC look after the accommodation and transport which allows us to focus on our projects.
Glasgow City Council
Project Assistance September 2016
For the whole family - the experience of a lifetime.
Graham and Helen Duncan
Family Travel July 2016
Any issues were dealt with in a swift and professional manner and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. RSC were pivotal in ensuring we completed the build in time and spotted potential problems early and dealt with them appropriately.
David McClement
Teacher, Dunoon Grammar School June 2013
Our RSC Guide was so supportive and I really appreciated him being on top of everything. We all enjoyed his guide knowledge, and he was relaxed enough to wait until we wanted or needed to know something before offering his information.
Fiona Anderson
Teacher, Falkirk Group June 2012
I'm absolutely certain that each one of the group will talk about their experiences for many years to come. We have nothing but praise for the way RSC operates and the people you work with.
Sheena Duthie
Teacher Kingussie School June 2014.
I want to give you a very sincere thank you for connecting me to YODEP in Zomba. My short 8 day visit there was life changing...Truly, my experience has changed my life.
Independent Traveller July 2014
This was without doubt the best school trip I have been on (averaging 1 per year over 29 years)!
Ailith Stewart
GeographyTeacher Kingussie School Group July 2014
The trip was great – and I cannot say enough good things about our RSC guide. He was fantastic, and really became a wonderful part of our time in Malawi.
Alison Grossman
Results and Results Educational Fund April 2016
I feel I have made lifelong friends. The journey as a whole humbled me. It was without doubt the best experience of my life. This experience is and always will be paramount in my personal development.
Patrick Speirs
Scottish Student July 2015
When I returned home, I felt I had lived ten years’ worth in ten days. I felt that I had been shown the real riches in life and I know that I have given and appreciated more love than I had before the journey.
Scottish Group Leader
July 2015
What impressed me most about RSC was their understanding of the local needs and their connection with the local communities. This was evidenced by the sheer number of local volunteers present at the build.
James McIntyre
Teacher. St Margaret’s Academy June 2015
RSC were very happy to take on organising our whole trip. They were able to advise and support me fully on what to include by offering invaluable advice on balancing the education element and the relaxation time.
Maureen Casey
Teacher. St Margaret’s Academy, Edinburgh June 2013 and June 2015.
It was an amazing, enriching experience for all of the group and I know that our young people learned a lot and that they will cherish the memories of the time that they spent in Malawi.
Chris McKenna
Teacher, Williamwood School, Scotland June 2016
The whole trip went really smoothly and all the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Andrew was absolutely brilliant, as were all the guides, porters, etc in Mulanje. We’ve already started receiving enquiries regarding next year’s trip which is great news.
Alice McDonnell
Fundraising Manager, Microloan Foundation May 2014
I have never been so well looked after. All the minutiae was dealt with promptly and personally – no “ one size fits all.”…All you promised came to fruition once we arrived.
Sue Donovan
Donovan Family Group June 2014
FANTASTIC, each day we had a separate adventure…we had the most amazing time from start to finish. I would like to thank you personally for a holiday which was above and beyond anything I have experienced before.
Rachel and Gillian Bakes
Independent Adventure Travellers August 2014
Thank you Dom and Kate for your help and patience over the past 18 months, I knew from the outset that RSC was the company I wanted to work with and that you share very similar values to Touchstone!
Steve Booker
Owner at The Touchstone Foundation July 2015
Outstanding! We had asked the company to book a personal charter flight…they went out of our way to accommodate the problem of us arriving a day late. they were great. Better service than any American company would have ever provided.
Nancy Hansen
Group Leader July 2016
I am writing to you both to convey our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support you have both shown for our Kid’s Programme. We are delighted to say that Cycle to Zero has raised over £250,000, creating vital funds and awareness that help us at a critical time as we continue to expand our Mentor Mother model.
Emma France
European Director mothers2mothers May 2016
RSC kindly helped us to arrange a Kid’s Programme that ran parallel to our cycle charity challenge Cycle to Zero Malawi 2016. The kids all enjoyed it and learned so much, even their parents were envious of the activities they got to do!
Samina Hassan
mothers2mothers U.K. May 2016
The most amazing and life-altering experience. [It] has shifted my views of the world in addition to my role within the world. I now use the phrase: I encountered a lot of people in Malawi, including myself.
Student University of North Carolina 2012
I could write thousands of words singing the praises of Andrew Kayuni and Innocent Gondwe. They were fantastic, by far the best I have worked with in my c. 10 years of running fieldtrips in Kenya and Malawi.
Katie Willis
Royal Holloway Study Trip March 2013.
RSC helped support us on a fantastic study abroad course! I brought 11 college students with me to Southern Malawi. Dom and Kate helped arrange the trip of a lifetime for these students!
Dr. Rowan
University of North Carolina at Charlotte March 2012
Great to work with a company that understands the kind of trip that we run i.e. it is not a tourist trip.
Katie Willis
Royal Holloway Geography Study Trip March 2013
Thank you a million times over again for your help with this. Your services have truly been outstanding...You really have gone above and beyond in helping make sure this went off without a hitch.
Danielle Henneberger
Programme Manager (USA) GH Tech Corporate Group October 2013
On behalf of the Royal Holloway Geography Society, Thank you so much for providing us with such an amazing experience which will not be forgotten by any of us students who went!
Katie Willis
Royal Holloway Geography Department March 2014
I will certainly recommend your company, and Wellington especially, to any colleagues planning a trip to Malawi in the future!
Alison Grossman
Results and Results Educational Fund April 2016
I've recently come back from the best trip of my life, thanks to RSC. Without their help and extensive knowledge, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to explore and learn about the beautiful country that is Malawi.
Lauren Clark
Student, Royal Holloway University London March 2016
I still cry when I think of Malawi's people -- they are so warm and welcoming.
Bruce and Judy Hoelter
Thrivent Financial July 2016
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